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Mike has enjoyed a lifetime of success in many ways:


Mike’s written four self-help books, all of which are still in print after more than 30 years. The Ultimate Secret (1988) has sold over 100,000 copies in English and has been published in six other languages. He and Bobbi DePorter co-wrote Quantum Learning (1992), still among the top 100 best-selling non-fiction books published by Dell. It has since been published in England, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Indonesia, and Vietnam.



Mike has written books on real estate, popular psychology, financial planning, retirement planning, and accelerated learning and teaching.



Mike founded and for 18 years ran a writing company that employed as many as 10, with five full-time writers. The company’s clients were Wall Street brokerage firms, securities wholesalers, large insurance companies, and financial advisory firms. He wrote hundreds of articles for financial magazines and produced marketing materials, such as brochures, slide presentations, and sales kits. In 1991, he was featured in a Money Magazine cover story about people who changed careers successfully.



Mike wrote over 100 articles for a health and wellness website. His short “newsletter” pieces were the most successful product, with over 30,000 subscribers.



For 14 years, Mike helped individual business owners, executives, professionals, and creative people set and achieve their personal and professional goals.



Mike traveled the country, speaking to audiences of up to 1,000, highlighting the self-help principles in his books, and promoting sales.



Mike held a Series 7 securities license and sold financial services for the second largest firm on Wall Street, specializing in retirement planning.



Mike focused on real estate law and business transactions, building a successful solo practice from scratch and probating several large estates.



Mike taught English and writing at these levels: elementary, junior high, undergraduate, graduate, and law school.



Mike has been happily married to Wanda, a retired police detective, since 1966. Today they live in a senior community in La Jolla, a suburb of San Diego. He exercises every day, eats a vegetable-based diet, and in tests, his “real age” is over 20 years younger than his calendar age. Mike’s passion is giving advice, information, and encouragement to help other people live successfully.

Portrait of Mike Hernacki
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