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Which Brain Should I Use?

I’m a writer, and when I first heard about what generative artificial intelligence (AI) can do, I thought, “Uh-oh, this could make my job obsolete.” I found out many of my writer friends are feeling the same fear: that artificial brains will replace ours.

Then I had an experience that changed my mind.

Last Fall, while I was writing for a health and fitness website, I spent an afternoon writing a 400-word piece about a complicated bodily function. Feeling good about it, I went to dinner. There I ran into a friend, Fred, a tech-savvy retired professor.

I told Fred it had taken me four hours to write the article. As I was talking, Fred was clicking his phone under the table. After a few seconds, he held it up in front of me and asked, “Is this what you were writing?”

I read it, and my heart sank. In about a minute, ChatGPT had written a 400-word article that was logical, coherent, and accurate. All the words were spelled right, the grammar and syntax were perfect. I could almost see my writing career dissolving before my eyes.

After dinner, I went home depressed. I picked up the article I had written earlier — and wow! Like the AI version, my effort was logical, coherent, and accurate — but with one major difference. My article had soul. It had life.

I took a deep breath and relaxed. AI may be able to perform almost-human feats. But it’s not human, and never will be. Its intelligence is massive, but it’s still artificial. It will not replace my human brain — at least not yet.

My advice: your brain is better in many ways than the smartest computer. Use it for what you do best, and robots will always struggle to keep up with you.


Phun Phacts    The first AI robot was “Deep Blue,” a chess-playing computer, built in 1966. It won its first game against a world champion chess master 30 years later.    Despite dire warnings that AI will eliminate human jobs, the World Economic Forum predicts it will create more jobs than it will erase.



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